So What’s In Chocolate?

I’ve never liked plain chocolate.

Although the taste of plain chocolate is one of the most delicious thing in the world for most people,I just can’t find myself liking it,so I never became a real fan of plain chocolate.

Chocolate tea is common in the caribbean especially the chocolate balls that jamaicans like to process and make themselves. To make this delicious looking rich tasting ball,the cocoa beans are first dried then roasted and thrown into a motar with ground nutmeg and cinnamon then pounded and melted;Then the balls are rolled into thick rich pasty chocolate balls the size of golf balls.

People from all over the world like the taste and smell of this rich brew,they can’t get enough of the sweet chocolatey smell,but I never liked the taste or smell of the chocolate.

Chocolate tea was one of my mother’s favorite tea,but whenever my mother gave it to me she use to suspect that I was throwing it away in the garden,so when she gave me a cup of chocolate tea she would follow me around the house and garden watching closely,checking to see how many times I raised the mug to my lips.

Most times I would pretend that I was drinking the tea as to avoid getting caught up in a mother and daughter tiff about wasting a good rich cup of chocolate tea;Other wise I would be put through the heart beating breath and tongue checks.

Chocolate powder tea which is common in the uk is even worst. I’ve tried it before thinking that it would be different from the 100 per cent rich chocolate tea,but could not bring myself to like the taste either,so now I avoid drinking it.

It’s the same with chocolate ice cream,I do not like the taste,as a child my favorite was always cherry and vanilla,but when I was a little girl vanilla ice cream was what I would often spend my pocket change on.

Now on to the more common form of chocolate that people can’t seem to resist,the plain chocolate bars especially on valentines.

You can find plain chocolates in most food stores ranging from milk sweet to 100 per cent dark bitterish,which is the real deal,and some of these are still really cheap,but you won’t find me spending my money on these plain chocolates,so I would never get out of bed in the dead of night,just to get my hands on someone’s plain bland chocolate bar powder nor ice cream.

However a few years back I tried ferrero rocher chocolates which is made with hazelnuts and it was one of the crunchiest thing ever,especially when you have it with champagne,the taste is so delicious!

My other favorite chocolate is cadbury,and that was because I’ve discovered that some of them have fruits and nuts,now cadbury’s fruit and nuts chocolate bar is my all time favorite.

I’ve also found a way to enjoy chocolate with ice cream after I tried magnum ice cream,which is vanilla ice cream wrapped in hazelnut and chocolate coat.

So what’s in chocolate?

Fruits nuts and vanilla ice cream.

17 thoughts on “So What’s In Chocolate?

  1. Whatever happened to those extremely large cheap cadbury chocolate fruits and nuts bars,can’t find them anywhere,the only ones I see in the supermarkets are some really small chocolate cadbury nock off.


  2. Good article on chocolate, yes they make 100% chocolate in the Caribbean,the trees that produce it is very common in Jamaica especially in the country area.


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