Dalton Harris Is The New Xfactor Winner 2018

The Jamaican singer was a favorite right from the start.

He wowed the fans and was crowned the winner with his cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood power of love.

He spoke to the sun online about life growing up as a child in his native country jamaica. He went on to explain how his family was gripped by poverty while growing up. He also explained that he was once beaten and left homeless after he spent all he earned on his family from a talent show that he won;In his own words (they needed help).

Dalton was determined to make something of himself from the abuse suffered while he was young so he took up singing.

He went on further,he explained that he suffered deep scars around his ears head eyebrows and grew his hair out to hide them. He even said that more scars were on his chest legs arms and shoulders.

Dalton has 22 brothers and he is also very close with two of his sisters who helped to raise him.

Can just imagine all the celebration in his native island that went on when he won the xfactor. Yes we did it! We got talent! Amen and amen.

Anyways this is how it began. The singer flew down from the caribbean and auditioned with his rendition of Elton John’s sorry seem to be the hardest word.

He revealed that he had prepared for that audition for seven long years. He managed to secure four yeses from the judges. He also made it through the six chairs challenge and the judges houses,he sang listen by dreamgirls. He breezed through his other xfactor rounds and won the coveted prize,a record deal in the semi finals,an incredible performance with James Arthur it was.

He is now a favorite for the christmas charts with his Frankie Goes To Hollywood. (The power of love).

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