Research Scientists in Cuba developed a therapy from blue scorpion venom to cure cancer

Cuban scientists cure some cancers using venom from the blue scorpian.

People from around the world that suffer from cancer have been traveling to cuba for years to be treated for cancer with venom extracted from the blue scorpian.

The treatment started in the 1980s when a biologists name Misael Bordier Chivas carried out some experiments with toxins from animals and made the discovery,that the blue scorpian’s venom has healing properties.

A blue scorpian is an insect that crawls,it has a tail that stings and release venom.

The venom is found to shrink tumours in rats and dogs.

It was first tested on a girl who was suffering from cancer after she contacted the doctor and he gave her the treatment,which was venom mixed with distilled water,she followed the instructions advised by the doctor and is still alive today.

Several research teams in cuba carried out more tests and found that the venom is harmless to people,according to one online news reporter.

The blue scorpians are now being bred and shocked with electricity for them to release more venom,to treat those that are willing to sign a consent form. The demand got high obviously and the company was overwhelmed and did have to change tact;One of the medicinal venom is sold under the name vidatox as a homeopathic treatment according to a news source for scientists.

9 thoughts on “Research Scientists in Cuba developed a therapy from blue scorpion venom to cure cancer

  1. I’m surprised about the blue scorpian,the colour itself. I’m just not use to seeing scorpions in that colour,in Jamaica there are only black and brown scorpians.


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