Please be aware of Incorrect and malicious postings

Dear sunbelz readers I’m a blog enthusiast,

thanks for visiting,I want your valuable comments on my articles. However, sometimes the comments do end up in the spam section for numerous reasons beyond my control,my apologies. I always like to hear your thoughts because they do inspire me. I like being a source of information on various topics because writing cease boredom,and certain phrases gives me great ideas for other topics,and so I feel humbled that you took the time out to pay a visit.

You can subscribe through emails for new update on this blog entry. I would like to bring to your attention that sometime ago in the past around 2013,there were a number of occasions where this site and a few others that I owned was tampered with,and fake posts started to show up and circulate on the sites.

Sunbelz was my main concern because it seem that the gangs had a special interest in it. Post about wars and very sensitive war topics were showing up everywhere in 2013,whenever I removed them the people involved would always find a way to repost the topics.

I have managed to remove them but two months ago I realised that some of them were reposted,so my apologies to those that were affected by these malicious occurences.

Some of my other articles were also hijacked and the gangs managed to post troublesome paragraphs about certain subjects,I’ve since re-updated the articles,but there might be more so if you come across any articles on sunbelz that come across as abusive and insensitive towards particular groups please let me know.

Choose any article and post a comment of the subject that concerns you and we will take it from there.

Last but not least someone has started a snapchat account with one of my emails two to three years ago,it appeared to be active as people kept saying that I’m on snapchat. No I’m not on snapchat,so be wary of that account.

Apart from those issues there is nothing else to worry about,but if you do have your own website and is going through breaches here are some tips.

I’m not sure if this alone can stop gangs from tampering with posts,but it sure helps to take precaution.

Use passwords that are hard to guess,avoid using passwords that has your name place of worship and DOB.

You can use a password security call wordfence security,and you can choose to adjust your password regularly. Enjoy your time on sunbelz.

7 thoughts on “Please be aware of Incorrect and malicious postings

  1. It could also be an inside job. What I mean is that computer hackers that work at WordPress and have access to certain priveledges in the admin areas could be helping to inflict damage on the website. Years ago when I started having trouble I had my suspicions that it was a malicious employee.


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