One Of Our Greatest Ancestors:The Denisovan Ancient Human Beings

A Denisovan ancient human.

A study has found that ancient human bred with unknown species.

The study was conducted by the royal society in london last week when they made the discovery.

It showed that there was rampant interbreeding between ancient human species in europe and asia.more than 30,000 years ago.

Another great find was that they also mated with other mystery species from asia,one that is neither human nor neanderthal,said a research team.

The scientists were overwhelmed at the finding and started to debate what this unknown specie could be,so they began to speculate that maybe that specie could have traveled from africa and then to asia from the homo heidelbernensis group.

The heidelbernensis group lived in africa about half a million years ago. They are believed to be the ancestors of europe’s neanderthals. But it was only a wild guest as they’re still not sure who the mystery specie was.

The DNA traces of the mystery specie was found in the bones of a denisovan ancient human.The bones were found in a siberian cave.

The findings and researches has interpret that there were many hominid populations,according to a research specialists. The scientists are now asking the question,who were the mystery specie that the denisovan were mating and interbreeding with?

9 thoughts on “One Of Our Greatest Ancestors:The Denisovan Ancient Human Beings

  1. Great article,I thoroughly enjoyed reading this,short and straight to the point,didn’t waste my time with reading a whole long everlasting page just to find out what the subject was about.


  2. Evolution happens,the person who first started explaining it was Charles Darwin. Humans are not exactly carbon copies of each other even though they might come from the same species.


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