How Did Holiday Treats Started?

People giving away treats to their neighbours kids was not always about candy. The treat givers use to get something in return and it was through singing.

Yes the children use to have to sing a special song,and then they were given a specially made cake. They would go around in costumes singing for sweets and cakes. Either the gailic irish or scottish were the ones that started the trend, and it spread throughout the united states.

The catholics saw the holiday as too pagan, and tried to swap it over for milder ones,and the celebration went under-ground but resurfaces bigger and bolder after a few years.

If you’re not into this kind of holiday,you could always get out a good story book and read to your kids. Or you could opt for a non spooky family movie,and have some pop corn with butter salt toffee or any treats or candy of your choice.

The invention of candy day started in 1916,and was intended for easter and christmas,but it eventually spread to fall holiday during the second saturday in october,and treats become an alternative to tricks by the 1940s.

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