All Saints Church: From Justin Bieber To Ella Eyre And Meghan Markles To Prince Harry Are Marching To The Chapels For Some Reason Or The Other

Old churches fascinates me: It seems like a lot of people are marching back to the chapels,and that includes a lot of celebrities. Or maybe people never stop attending but some of us were too busy to notice,until you see a headline with a celebrity in a cathedral and it brought you back to some old pleasant childhood memory.

Old churches fascinates me,and today I’m here to brief on the history of all saints church,in little horton green bradford. Very old churches always fascinates me,because as a little girl I attended a very very old church;The church was so old that part of its wooden structure was still in place by the time I got to preteen. But that’s not the only reason why old churches fascinates me;When I was a very little girl,about eight years old my grandfather enrolled me into a catholic school in the quiet and cool area of the country side,and it had a very old cathedral. Me and my classmates had the best time,hop skip and prancing around the extremely big church yard,that had two schools. Ofcourse there were the nuns occasionally walking about doing their thing. And it was a peaceful and friendly environment. Anyways back to all saints church,little horton green in bradford.

This church is older than your mother and grand mother and grand mother’s parents!

So,here goes;All Saints Church in west yorkshire was built in 1864;And it was design by francis healey for francis sharp powell,who owned the manor of little horton green. Powell was offered a sum to sell up while there was a rapid expansion taking place,but refused,and little horton green today still remained a small hamlet surrounding the industrial settings of bradford. The one thousand four hundred years old church walls are plain with natural stones,and has an unusual wooden frame ceiling,it’s a well looked after church with fine stained glass windows. That’s one of the beautiful history of all saints church,but it also has its tragic past.

So,here goes;This is a story about three young brothers. The brothers were sent by their father to light up the church one day,because their father took ill and was unable to do it himself. They use to follow along their father and watched him,so they learned how to do the lightings.

Something happened when the boys were carrying out their tasks and a small fire must’ve started. The boys were unusually late so a relative went in search of the boys,and when the relative went into the chapel they found that the boys were unconcious and they unfortunately died of suffocation.

But mystery has it that the cause of death is still unknown,here is the other part of the mystery,nine days later the paper reported that the boy’s father had also tragically died.

The church is built on the site of a roman fort,and the earliest part of the church is the 13th century doorway. The church was used as a place to commorate people that was associated with WW11.

The pulpit dates way back from 1889 and is of a square wooden form with a holy figure and followers. Old churches and the way they were built still fascinates me,the bright colours radiating from the windows,the crest and centuries old cherubs,and the mysteries of its past.

The peacefulness of the church yard,and hearing a choir belt out old hymns,while standing behind or underneath a pulpit,and just when you thought that there was no one in,you’ll catch a glimpse of a vicar. That gothic feeling when you stare at its stunning and ancient surroundings,and the social role that they still play in our society as important cultural hubs.

19 thoughts on “All Saints Church: From Justin Bieber To Ella Eyre And Meghan Markles To Prince Harry Are Marching To The Chapels For Some Reason Or The Other

  1. I’ve always view churches as a super center. Whatever the needs be they will help to find a solution. Atleast that’s my opinion of the church judging from observations and my broughtupsy.


  2. People get their emotional and spiritual fix and needs met when they attend churches. People are getting turned away at night clubs,do churches turn people away because of slight differences? I’ve often wonder,if there are any such incidences please post it somewhere because I would like to know.


  3. The harmony between old churches and the art etched on the windows and ceilings,most often brings an appreciation between human, natural world and spirituality.


  4. One day I saw a decaying prayer house place above gorges and surrounded by thick weeds,and I thought to myself,this place must’ve inspired people long ago.


  5. went on holiday in the Caribbean and came upon a wooden church deep in the woods. It was clearly abandoned but it still had benches holy art a pulpit and a large Bible? I took a lot of pictures because I was also struck by the outer and inner beauty, of its old wooden made art that was still in place.


  6. people from the 50s to 90s had pleasant memories of churches. Especially those that grew up in remote areas where there were no bars nor pubs,and partying and clubbing were frowned upon. Others just grew up with strict religious parents and they had no choice but to find solace and friendships in churches.


  7. people attend church because they believe that the church hold the answers and can fix most of their life problems. They also think that the church can heal through a spiritual connection,things that money scientists medicine and doctors never did for them,so they gave up and become members of prayer houses.


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