Best fantasy and drama film to watch this season

Doctor Who
Main actors are jodie whittaker, peter capaldi, david tennant, tom baker, christopher ecclestan, bradley walsh, matt smith,pearl mackie,mandip gill, and tosin cole.
It is a classic science fiction programme has a large following,a time traveling scientists from a far away planet that can travel through time and space in a shop known as TARDIS is a machine that is large inside but look smaller on the outside. The machine can change up and disguise its appearance based on its surroundings,and the operating doctor likes to evolve as many different people to save the planet and employs earthlings to help him in his galaxy.


Starring Kerry Washington alongside her team Stephen Finch,Harrison Wright,Abby Whelan,Huck,and Quinn Perkins and David Rosen.
Her life revolves around President Fitzgerald Grant and his administration. Olivia on and off relationship with the president complicates her personal life as she work across mysterious lives. It has numerous strong female characters.

Idris Elba is one of the main stars and he’s on top of his game;his relationship with Alice Morgan real name Ruth Wilson that propels the show, which premiered in 2010 and is now filming its fifth season in 2018.

Grey’s Anatomy
Main star is Meredith Grey,
Its a drama series surrounding a group of doctors at a mercy west hospital who began as interns. Grey is the daughter of a famous surgeon and get caught up in proffessional passion;She struggles to maintain proper relationships with her colleagues especially the hospital’s chief of surgery Richard Webber. New doctors continue to shake up the show at the mercy west hospital.


Sherlock is connected between the usa and uk but is distinc british in its tone and settings and also casts.Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Amanda Abbington Andrew Scott Louise Brealey and Mark Gatiss made the show one of the best to watch.

13 thoughts on “Best fantasy and drama film to watch this season

  1. Sherlock is my favorite detective TV drama, then doctor who,and then scandal, scandal is fast becoming my top favorite,it’s so damn scandalous.


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