As we fast-forward through life we sometimes forget to stop and look around;All around us there’s this wonderful and enigmatic thing call nature,and we should feel blessed to be able to see, smell,touch and even taste it. Before there was modern medicine cuisines and synthetic drugs,our ancient ancestors use to have to come up with varying alternatives,to feed themselves,treat ailments,cure diseases,and some of those alternatives did work wonders to preserve and restore their health.

The (US National Library Of Medicine)has written under the European Traditional Medicine that;For centuries traditional medical systems(TMS)were the primary medical system in the countries of origin,and citizens and health-care are starting to rely and trust TMS substituting conventional scientifically proved therapies with unconventional ones. But TMS medicines are not the only thing that are taking people back to their roots;Hiking healthier diets spending long trips away from home,camping and economics,are some of the main reasons too. But what’s the use of knowing all that information and hav’nt a clue of where or how to start utilising it? This is where (THE BOOK OF LIFE) could come in quite handy and become benefitial,when you’re on your next camping trip or get lost or stuck in a forest with little or nothing left to eat.

This little book(THE BOOK OF LIFE)can become your guide and one day enable you in finding a basic requirement for life;the ability to survive when it becomes necessary.

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