Meghan Markle’s Elegant Fashion Style

She wore a piece from Jason Wu’s spring summer collection;He’s a fashion designer based in NY. He was born in Taiwan and raised in Canada and is one of the most in demand fashion designer.

A few months back the duchess of sussex’s mother Doria Ragland ended the summer months with Meghan and Harry;The married couple are still settling into their newlywed life,and the royal couple has already taken on some pretty impressive duties,making a difference together.

As for the common-wealth, Harry’s wife has joined him on becoming an official ambassador,a title that Queen Elizabeth gave him. The common-wealth is a community made up of 53 nations working together to eradicate poverty,and to promote democracy and peace.

17 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s Elegant Fashion Style

  1.’s the only female that I see dressed in that colour, and manages to carry it off without it looking weird or out of place. I share the same complexion like hers,but whenever I use that type of blue whether it be dress or just a shawl for contrast,it made me look like some fancycat,instead of a human. I don’t know what it is about her,but she could be wearing a bin bag and still look pretty while wearing it.


  2. I see you all fawning over Meghan markles gorgeous looks,and sophisticated fashion,but there’s a place that I use to call for fashion advice here is the number 08712689824 or 9 I wrote it from the remembrance of my head just as I read this post,not sure if its correct but maybe it is


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