Bio: The Compilation Of V Goldson

Vevine Goldson Biography PT5

Vevine Goldson is the author of Poems Spring To Life;She was born to a fashion designer mother and a technician father;but she was partly raised by her stepfather,a world war 11 head soldier,he spoke german and english,and was also a priest. Her grandfather came and took her away to live with him when her step- dad past away;she lived with her biological father,uncles aunts and grandmother. Eventhough family life was’nt always perfect,vevine had a happy and neutral childhood. Vevine is of Afro Caribbean English and Scottish descent.

She attended a catholic primary school,a private high school,a technical high school and an institute for higher learning;she studied maths,science,accounts,english,biology.

While growing up,vevine watched as her mother suffered through depression while struggling to keep up with work;so vevine did have to study; learn fast take whatever jobs she could,and work most times.

She started working at the age of fifteen during her school holiday breaks;Her first job was delivering telegrams to business places,then at seventeen she helped to manage a korean owned manufacturing company for a year.

Between the ages of eighteen and nineteen,vevine enrolled in modelling classes,while holding down a job as a sales representative;her job entails her wearing the company’s sash with the name. She was so good at her sales job that she was in demand at every store that they sent her. When vevine was put in charge as a sales person,that company’s products would sell very fast that her boss’s sneaked around to pose as customers, to find out her sales secrets;Vevine described it as not an easy job,as she would spend hours at a time standing in high heels and stockings that itched,her feet often hurt.

At nineteen plus vevine took on a non executive part -time secreterial job as a front desk clerk,the job entailed filing and setting appointments for her boss;while contributing to a partnership,she bought her first plot of land at 20-22 yrs old.

Vevine attended classes at a fashion designing institute,she earned herself a diploma in her early twenties. She then went on to do a sales job at a fashion retail store;and run a part-time business in the evenings sewing uniforms for a marshal arts school.

She then later enrolled herself in a certified book keeping institute for a year,and took seven subjects including accounts and scored straight A.

Later down the line she started studying online with various institutes and universities;She studied practical-nursing,food and nutrition,introduction to law,politics ethics and migration,clinical supervision,Forensic Psychology,and got certificates and diplomas.

Vevine now spends most of her time writing;when she’s not doing that,she’s listening to classical music,fulfilling her hobbies and designing something of interests.

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