A Biography Vevine Goldson

Vevine Goldson



Vevine Goldson is the author of Poems Spring To Life;She was born to a fashion designer mother and a technician father;but she was partly raised by her stepfather,a world war 11 head soldier,he spoke german and english,and was also a priest. She grew up in a middle class family and when her stepfather past away,her mother developed depression,so her grandfather came and took her to live with him and his family;that includes her biological father, grandmother, aunts and uncles. She’s of afro caribbean english and scottish descent.

She had a very strict religious upbringing from both her mom and dad’s side. It was strictly church, school,or trainee activities;playing was inside but that did’nt mean that her life was dull while growing up;she had just as much fun as the rest of the neighbouring kids.

At kindergarten straight up to being a two grader Vevine use to like attending music classes,her favorite pieces in music classes were old mcdonald had a farm,twinkle twinkle little star,Beethoven 9th symphony Ode to joy and 10 green bottles hanging on the wall;In two grade vevine’s class had their own children’s newspaper;she could’nt wait for newspaper delivery day,because she use to like the children cartoon characters,one was always getting himself into trouble,the other was from the moon,an extraterrestrial being child,that came to live on earth,the one that came from the moon was vevine’s favorite.

When Vevine was around 10-12,she and her friends use to sing and dance to every madonna song they heard playing on the radio;another song that she use to like belting with her friends was;I’ve found my thrill on blueberry hill. It was an old enough song that a singer sang over,and that became vevine and her school mates anthem.

Vevine use to take part in sports and was a very fast runner;she use to come first in every relay race;She became head girl of her class twice at two separate schools. When Vevine reached pre-teen and it was time for her to start high school;she was granted a scholarship by Canadian Embassadors;Scholarships are sometimes given to children who’s parents served in the army.

Vevine Goldson attended two separate high schools;one was a private high and the other was a technical high;she also went to an academy for higher learning; Vevine studied english,accounts,maths,science,spanish and biology,between the three schools;eventhough she was good at spanish in her class and can remember a few phrases,she does not remember how to speak spanish fluently.

Attending private high school was a real eye opener for Vevine;the area was posh and quiet, but the high school at the time was still an old victorian building. Her private high school was facing another high school,that only rich white kids attended,the two schools use to compete against eachother in sports.

While back at her own private high school, the children in her class separated themselves and form their own clique. In one area was the posh kids,the other rich kids,another were celebrity kids and the rest would just hang together;and that was the eye opener for vevine. She spent one and a half year there,then she left her private high school and never went back.

The technical high school that Vevine attended was much different;she did not only made a lot of good friends while studying there,but she also had a lot of fun. While at the academy for higher learning the students acted more mature and grown up and were focus;classes were fairly quiet,but not unbearable.

Vevine likes art,but how exactly did her love affair of art began? Well,when Vevine was about 6-10 years old,her mother who was a fashion designer had a large style book;and some of hers and her other siblings outfit was designed from that colourful 1940s book,and little Vevine became fascinated by the images in the book;she would spend hrs skipping through the pages.

She was also inspired by the many books that was in her childhood home,she would try to imitate and draw as much colourful characters as she could manage in a day,and that’s where it all began.

(Four things that you did not know about Vevine:)

Vevine’s first movie as a toddler,before she even started kindergarten was a movie called speedy gonzales a spanish rat;she was taken to see the movie by her eldest sister. Vevine’s sister was giggling with laughter but she as a child could not understand the jokes,so she just sat there licking lollipops.

Her second movie as a kid in a school cinema was a karate film;it was a ”drunken master” film,there was little english with subtitles but vevine along with all the other could make out that popular phrase,where a person that was wronged would give their opponent the side eye followed by I shall take ”revenge”the phrase became popular among her movie-mates so they kept repeating it.

Her third movie as a child that she almost saw with her school friends at a cinema,was ghost buster;Vevine went with two sets of friends that disliked eachother,so vevine was caught in the middle,vevine’s friends bickered back and forth about who vevine should sit beside and they spend hrs tugging at vevine’s hands pulling her back and forth;vevine eventually did sat in the middle to satisfy both sides,but that still was not enough,so no-one really got to see the film.

On Vevine’s 16th birthday her first gift was from a very good male friend;that happened to be her best friend at the time. He gave her a lovely jewel box that played two beethoven classics,one was fu’r eles,she spent weeks winding the box just to see the ballet dancer spin to that classic,because she loved that song.

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