How To Keep Cool During The Heat-wave

When the temperature is soaring,here are some quick tips to keep you cool.

If you’ve got medium shoulder to long hair,wear a top knot,or a bun. Wearing your hair up or pinned in a bun high or low can prevent sweat from building up around your neck.

Wear halter top blouse,a bikini top covered over with a thin shawl; or even a thin see through cotton top. Wearing next to nothing,or lose fitting thin cotton,will allow your skin to breathe.

If you’re going out in the heat,carry or buy bottles of water,because Water is the best thirst quencher.

If you’ve got the time,go have a splash at the beach,at your local gym pool,or the plastic one in your back yard.

Turn off your hot water and take a cold shower.

11 thoughts on “How To Keep Cool During The Heat-wave

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