Sensational Beauty And Soul Goddess Judith Hill known To Be One Of The Sexiest Artists That Ever Appeared On The Voice: Getting To Know The Artists

She’s known to be one of the sexiest artists that ever appeared on the voice singing show. The funk-soul singer appeared as a contestant on the fourth season of The Voice, but her c.v. runs much, much deeper than that. A Grammy Award-winner for her performance in the 2013 documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, Hill has utilized her organic pipes on behalf of such artists as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and Josh Groban; her original songs were featured on the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s 2012 film Red Hook Summer; and her brilliant 2015 album Back In Time was one of the last albums produced by Prince.

She’s a Goddess; Her exotic  and dainty looks  is only the outer appearance that makes her one of the voice’s series’ sexiest artists. She is truly something special. Her look is one you will never mistake for anyone else’s – and that’s sexy according to a source from the voice.

A misunderstanding occurred between Hill and her Cherry Party publicist after a Post appeared in an article alleging Hill’s participation in a song designed to be a love letter to Kim Jong-Un, inspired by Sony’s film The Interview.

Hill, who is signed to Sony’s music label, originally wrote a song and reportedly submitted it to the producers of the movie The Interview. The song didn’t make the film’s soundtrack, so Hill was said to have experimented and playfully changed the lyrics. The song was never officially recorded nor officially released.

In an interview with the New York Times, singer-songwriter Judith Hill has opened up about her “very intense” relationship with Prince but It’s the details about that flight that have captured the fascination of readers around the world.  Hill also talked about happier times with Prince, when the two were at Paisley Park making her album Back In Time


Prince was awestruck with the singer as you can see she had an infectious beautiful smile to go with her incredible vocal range. In the long line of Prince’s collaborators Judith Hill was special — not just because of the coincidence of her presence near Prince but because of the closeness of their personal and professional relationship. Horn player Marcus Anderson told the Times that Prince would ask Hill for musical advice in a way that “was kind of a first.”

On his way home from a performance with friends prince fell ill and ended up in hospital and it turned out that he took an overdose of pain killers. Hill describes the incident, including a subsequent overnight hospital stay, as unprecedented in her experience with Prince — supporting the idea that even Prince’s closest friends and colleagues were unaware of anything out of the ordinary until his painkiller use became a source of serious danger to his life. “Never said anything, that this is hurting, never a sign of struggle,” Hill told the Times, saying that all she knows about Prince’s painkiller use is what she’s read in media reports. “That’s why it’s all very shocking.”

In the days immediately following the airborne scare while he was still in care, Hill says that Prince began making steps to address his health issues.

As a supporting vocalist, Hill has sung with artists including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. She was part of the band that was scheduled to play with Jackson on his “This Is It” London shows, and her role in those shows was to include a high-profile duet with Jackson. The Times’ Melena Ryzik notes the sad coincidence that Jackson, like Prince, was a towering musical icon who lost his life to the misuse of prescription drugs;

Hill says that she and Prince had a deep personal relationship,I deeply cared for him,” said Hill about Prince. “He told me that he loved me and that he would always be there for me.”

When Hill told a magazine interviewer that she’d like to work with Prince, she could hardly have dreamed that Prince himself would notice, and invite her to Paisley Park — but that’s exactly what happened, in April 2014. When Hill told Prince she wanted to make an album that sounded like Sly and the Family Stone, he replied, “You don’t need to say any more.”

The album was produced by Prince, who also played and sang on the album.

At that meeting, Prince asked us all for suggestions on how best to release the album. We offered various ideas, and Prince and Hill listened thoughtfully to all of them. The album surfaced publicly just a few days later, when an unknown — but very large — number of Ticketmaster customers received “a note from Prince” offering a free download (in high-fidelity lossless audio files, no less) of Back In Time.


Hill continued to be a regular presence at Paisley Park. Among other appearances, she played at a Record Store Day party Prince held in April 2015 coinciding with the release of her album. In October Back In Time was released in a more conventional fashion (after Prince helped get Hill out of a previous record deal); Hill and Prince celebrated with a long night of live music at Paisley Park. “Judith Hill,” said Prince that night said“We love her, and we hope that you love her, too.”

Both of her parents are musicians who met while playing together in the 1970s. The Times story notes that the two parents met Prince who Hill said was “delighted” they were in her band.


She’s sexy beautiful and special; she’s just awesome! a star in her own right. Judith has an incredible voice and gave me the faith that anything in music is possible. Judith Hill has the ability to dream, get out and get on with it. She’s a very busy lady and Where-ever she goes she’s never forgotten her beginnings; and she’s still one of a kind a truly great artists.

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Judith Hill – Back In Time. Available to  Buy “Cry, Cry, Cry” on iTunes: Directed by Morgan Neville for Tremolo Production


Sensational Beauty and Soul Goddess Judith Hill

Judith has an incredible voice and gave me the faith

Judith Hill – Back In Time. Available to Buy

Prince’s collaborators Judith Hill was special

Judith Hill has opened up about her relationship with Prince

Michael Jackson Judith Hill and Prince

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  1. Where are the videos to the songs on her album? I really like her songs but it would be nice to have videos for each of them.


  2. Beautiful voice!! Judith Hill please sing a dance track for the clubs for the world to hear your voice belting out everywhere in every clubs. Please hurry up eager fan is waiting.


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