The Beauty behind the cosmetic company Beauty Bakerie

Cashmere Nicole, founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie

Beauty truly does start from the inside.
Beauty Bakerie started as a one-woman operation in 2011 after founder Cashmere Nicole put herself through college and nursing school while being a single mother. From the beginning Nicole knew she wanted to give back, so she decided to use Beauty Bakerie as a vehicle to raise breast cancer awareness – in part because she liked the color pink.

Reflecting on her success, Cashmere shares that the biggest lessons have been,”never stop learning and growing and if it is hard, go for it. Your largest opportunities for growth lie just beyond your comfort zone.”
Starting with nothing doesn’t matter, but what does matter is to want the best for people, and to uplift others rather than tear them down.

Even with thousands of social media followers and celebrity clientele (including Beyoncé!), Cashmere wishes for others to support her in the quest to spread the word of being Better not Bitter in life’s difficult circumstances by helping others less fortunate, and sending positivity to those around you.

Beauty Bakerie’s motto, “Be Better, not Bitter,” says a lot about the inspiration behind the sweetly named brand. Cashmere’s view on life and business, to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others, Cashmere views mistakes only as learning opportunities, and wishes to inspire others to see the very best in people. She’s also has the backing of one of the biggest celebrity in the world Beyonce and we are beyond excited to see what Beauty Bakerie cooks up next.


13 thoughts on “The Beauty behind the cosmetic company Beauty Bakerie

  1. I will definately check out the lipgloss and pink lipstick range from beauty bakerie. I use black opal primer and bronzer,am actually a black opal fanatic because the makeup look so good especially when it set on the skin.


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