A very vintage christmas?

I like my Christmas to be old fashioned and traditional,post underneath this column and tell us how you like yours?


13 thoughts on “A very vintage christmas?

  1. Climate change has certainly ruined the ‘white christnas’ era. It is now very rare to see a white Christmas unless you live in a country where you have to dress like an Eskimo,they experience snow almost everyday.


  2. For us who live in countries that is used to seeing the four seasons,I can asure that we haven’t seen a white Christmas in years. It always start and end before Christmas or start after Christmas and carry on to the new year,but not lucky enough to have another white Christmas during these last years.


  3. I missed vintage old fashioned Christmas too especially when it has a modern looking bountiful Christmas tree to boot. Christmas is now for the rich, poor people can’t match up to this kind of extravagance.


  4. The song is vintage but Christmas ain’t vintage no more,it is about flashy cars,expensive gifts and hefty bank accounts,even Santa has buckled under the weight. There was an article in one of those USA american online news where Santa was under stress because, kids are not asking for cuddly toys,they want iPods and smartphone.


  5. I remember growing up with big sis how old fashioned Christmas was. She use to wake me and lil bro up before day and showed us our socks that they are about to be hanged and a big fat jolly man who likes kids are going to stuff them with gifts. When we went back to sleep and got up they would be stuffed with sweets and little toys. Those days childhood use to be innocent.


  6. Bing Crosby’s white Christmas carol is one of the oldest Christmas song that is out there. Everybody that I know either their mom or dad has the LP. Even people from warm countries use to listen it a lot. My stepfather use to blast the hell out of bing Crosby white Christmas and frank Sinatra during the festive season,I miss them days.


  7. When it comes on to Christmas everyone is drawn to the american singers and their ways of celebrating it. The saying is true when they say the world is Americanised. Almost all my family listen to american carols it’s as if they invented Christmas and when I look through my Christmas collections almost all of the carols are from american singers. I never meant for it to be that way it just happen to be.


  8. My partner have a way of making snow fall in the living room. He bought a fake snow flake plastic balloon which he put in the middle of the room when we do not get real snow during the festive season.


  9. The reason why a lot of people like Cosby,s white Christmas is they are from warm climates and they watched a lot of American movies on cable TV where there is always flurry of snow in the movies.


  10. You must have given the Americans luck with this post,cause I just read that some parts are going to be having a white Christmas indeed. Will be listening to bing Cosby to see if the same luck will fall on the 25 in the UK. Americans are getting all the luck, here in the UK for the last nine yes Christmas is warm, and chilly not white and snowy. Imagine no snow on Christ mas for years something is wrong.


  11. In the Caribbean alot of our older relatives have bing Cosby white christmas and bonny m Mary’s boy child. Caribbean people always dream about experiencing snow in America because of the movies that are shown there.


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