Understanding Venezuela through Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez And Venezuelans

In 1977, he founded a revolutionary movement together with Luis R. Gonzalez an William Jimenez, within the armed forces, in the hope that he could one day introduce some mutual agreements between the left and far right government in Venezuela.

The new founded revolutionary movement wanted a middle way between the right wing policies of the government and the far left position of the Red Flag.

Hugo Chavez Chávez married a working-class woman named Nancy Colmenares, with whom he had three children: Rosa Virginia (born September 1978), Maria Gabriela (born March 1980) and Hugo Rafael (born October 1983).

Chávez went on to form a new secretive cell within the military, the Bolivarian Revolutionary Army-200 (EBR-200), later redesignated the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200 (MBR-200).

He was inspired by Ezequiel Zamora (1817–1860), Simón Bolívar (1783–1830) and Simón Rodríguez (1769–1854), who became known as the “three roots of the tree” of the MBR-200.

Hugo Chavez  hoped for the Bolivarian Movement to become a politically dominant party that would “accept all kinds of ideas, from the right and the left.

Mausoleum of Hugo Chávez in Caracas



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