How To Prepare Yourself For Wearing That Mini Skirt

Try running up a hill
Find a hill you can run up within 30 seconds. Sprint up the hill as fast as you can and then

slowly walk back down. Complete two warmup hill sprints and then do eight to 10 more all-out sprints, toning your body with running.

Try cycling
According to a piece on MSN Health, a 130-pound woman will not only torch 473 calories in an hour of cycling, but the sport could also give you some seriously sexy legs.Take a 30- to 60-minute bike ride, five days per week to meet these guidelines. Or, combine cycling with other forms of cardio, such as swimming or jogging

Try squatting
SQuat position then rise up and kick your legs out to the level of your own hips,do the same with the opposite legs. Don’t forget to shave exfoliate and moisturize your legs.
Check out super model Joan Smalls Toned legs in mini for inspiration.

11 thoughts on “How To Prepare Yourself For Wearing That Mini Skirt

  1. She is definately toned and quite fit,but how do these models manage to keep so thin without gaining an ounce of flesh?


  2. Get a boyfriend with very strong hands, and let him smooth out the dimples and fat from your thighs with massaging cream.


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