Should We Share Certain Things With People?

Should We Share Table Food With Our Birds?

Yes And no. Most of the foods we eat are good for parrots:

fruits, vegetables, pastas, grains, fish and small amounts of lean cooked meats. The term table food generally is used in reference to our preparation of these foods, at which time they begin to get un-healthy.We add salt, sugar, butter, sour cream, and dressings to make the foods more palatable and enjoyable for us. These additions are not good for birds for all the same reasons they are not good for us.

Is it socially acceptable to share snacks?

Of course food-sharing varies by culture and upbringing, but for many Serious Eaters, the pro-it’s all mine mentality allows you to try many things. We can probably all agree that it’s not cool to offer someone a taste, only to have them snatch it up like it’s their last supper. How do you handle the issue diplomatically?

Should we share our intimate habits with our partners?

Problems arise in relationships when diverging open-door policies evolve into intimacy issues. Just because your partner doesn’t want you watching them commune with the porcelain throne or vice-versa doesn’t mean they’re not committed. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, people have a tendency to “let it all hang out” in order to feel totally loved and accepted by their partners, But it’s okay to keep some habits hidden, especially if the other person is uncomfortable.

Should we share our makeup?

Dermatologists caution, you should never share your makeup. Simply put — swapping cosmetics can mean trading germs. Makeup brushes and applicators can easily carry bacteria from one person to another, and moist, dark containers allow such germs to thrive. You especially should never share lip and eye products, which come in frequent contact with more easily infected areas of the body.

should we share our knowledge?

Knowledge is an ocean human beings need to communicate, it’s in our nature, society exists because we have transferred our knowledge from one generation to another,social transmission has been going on for thousands of years, and texting, Facebook, and other social media sites has only made it faster and easier to share content with others. Knowledge should not be hoarded away like a squirrel stashes away nuts,don’t keep all your wisdom to yourself Sharing your expertise means inviting a new conversation. If you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, you may learn something in the process as well.

Should we share our wealth?
Is it the right thing to do?

Morality is individual and circumstantial, as is measure of fortune.
So what do you think guys,
Should we share our wealth?

The model in the pic is Daria Pleggenkuhle
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22 thoughts on “Should We Share Certain Things With People?

  1. I’snt that daria pleggenkuhle? I’ve met her in person a few months ago I was surprised how good looking she is without makeup.


  2. Yes sharing knowledge is the key to moving forward in an ever evolving world,scientists are great examples,if they did not share what they know we would still be stuck using old traditional methods and relying solely on myths to survive.


  3. Love coming to your blog,enjoy reading all your clever posts,this is a good one. Been following your website for over a year now since I found it.


  4. The one about sharing food made me chuckle a bit,true though, sharing food with some people big mistake,they keep taking until nothing is left. I want back my waffles and pancakes.


  5. Personally yes I believe that if you have x amount and you are well off and comfortable,you should help at least a poor relative of yours. I’ve heard of rich people that have close poor relatives and they ignore them. Should you share your wealth with strangers that is totally up to you,but if I was wealthy and can help a poorer person regardless of blood I would try and do my best.


  6. The lady is daria pleggenkuhle,I was staring at her and thought that she looked familiar then it came back to where I knew her from,in the fashion catalogues. Where is she nowadays,is she still modeling??


  7. You cannot share what you do not have enough of in the first place,If I am struggling; I would think twice about sharing certain things. Yes I do understand that there will be others less well off,but there is a but.


  8. I just checked her instagram she got really slim,modeling makes her so thin,and all the catwalk and runway show is making her lose a lot of weight.


  9. It is not a good thing to share makeup,because of sweat, bruise,pimples, and open sores that are so small you might not be able to detect. No do not share these items with no one not even your best friend.


  10. Clever writer, clever choice of pic; nearly got tricked until I read everything, absolutely brilliant mind! I really like the way you structured this content. You should run for president, whoever you are.


  11. I hate it when men are sitting on the toilet and leave the door wide open while they are reading the paper,very disgusting!


  12. In my humble opinion I cannot stomach the smell of smoke and my ex use to smoke in front of me, so I agree with the comment of bad habit sharing, total annoyance, some habits are better kept to one’s own self.


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