how to get clear beautiful glowing skin like her

Are you longing  for a naturally gorgeous complexion?

Do you wish that you had absolutely beautiful, glowing skin?
“Not all skin is created equal.  genes are just the starting point. Beautiful skin is also about good skin care habits and  practiced on a daily basis.
Munch on mixed nuts
Nuts are  good in nutrition and can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. They’ve also been shown to play an important role in helping to lower “bad” cholesterol levels and raise “good” cholesterol levels.
Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which increases skin elasticity and may decrease skin cancer, according to recent studies. Munch on walnuts—which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids—to lower inflammation and put the brakes on breakouts. Chew on some macadamias; “they’re full of  quality oils and fatty acids that aid in skin repair,toning,elasticity and rejuvenation.” It cares for the whole body.

When you get acne, try your best not to pick at it. The dirt and oil on your fingers can make things worse with bacteria and you’ll risk infection, which can lead to scarring.
The benefits of water:If you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated so don’t wait until you need a drink, sip small amounts throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. You might not look as naturally beautiful or pretty and innocent without any makeup as this young lady, but, you will be on your way to achieving your ambition of getting a clearer skin.

Drink water to prevent acne. Start by drinking 7 glasses of water a day for the next 2 to 3 days.  Although water alone will not eliminate your acne, it will help to rejuvenate your skin in remaining healthy and clear.As well as wrinkle-busting, it’s said to give us sparkly eyes, clear our skin of spots and make us look glowing and healthy.

25 thoughts on “how to get clear beautiful glowing skin like her

  1. Without makeup some women would look like a bloke, but this girl is pretty even without makeup,and still manages to look photogenic. Sometimes you can see some really authentic and natural beautiful women. In her case she is definately authentic.


  2. Stay away from oily food like chips and pork and eat plenty of fruits,remember to always use a facial scrub that works fine for me.


  3. Acne starts when the pore is clogged,if you wear lots of makeup use a cleanser at all times,and keep your hands away from your face.


  4. She has such nice skin! maybe it is heredity,if you’ve got good genes in your family the offspring normally inherit the same genes from their ancestors.


  5. I eat lots of salad and fruits and I use raw coco butter soap and neutrogena cleanser, don’t ever forget to moisturize your skin as the harsh weather will give you early signs of wrinkles if you are not careful.


  6. Soft skin,no makeup, pretty face and high cheekbones, perfect features. I see other women posing in their very heavily made up face,posing with their strong masculine jawbones,desperately screaming for attention,trying to pass themselves off as pretty,but I know what pretty is, and I know every trick of the celebrity game because am a Hollywood makeup artists. What I first noticed about her was the no black makeup around the eyes to try and trick people that her eyes are pretty, because her eyes are already naturally pretty. No it is not a myth,we men know a lot about the makeup industry too.


  7. My beauty regime is cornmeal scrub and Vaseline as a moisturizing agent,just a little bit not too much as it can clog your skin, and drink lots of water. You do not need expensive products to have nice skin.


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