Get fashion inspiration and steal Jasmine Tookes coachella style

What to wear to coachella? Here are a few fashion tips that you

can copy from supermodel Jasmine Tookes and get some inspiration from her many different coachella looks,we’ve rounded them all up for your viewing pleasure. Coachella style might be predictable and sometimes repetitive at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

And maybe you could also go for beyonce’s style.
Beyoncé hit last year’s music festival rocking soft beach waves with a boho chic dress and fringed suede leather vest by Saint Laurent.

11 thoughts on “Get fashion inspiration and steal Jasmine Tookes coachella style

  1. Jasmine tookes remind me of naomi campbell in some way, Blue is definately her colour I could never pull that one off,not with my huge behind.


  2. Jasmine tookes is the cute new girl on the block,it is not so long ago since she started her victoria’s secret modelling career,giving tara banks a run for her money.


  3. Beyonce has flawless skin,it’s something that I’ve noticed from when she was in her early twenties,and that brown hair matches her skintone,it goes well with the outfit.


  4. How did jay z allow her to leave the house like that,if she was my lady and she is out wearing something like that,knowing how gorgeous she already is,I would be staying up all night worrying about her being flirtatious behind my back. Call me crazy but I’m kinda old fashion.


  5. My favorite coachella outfit I liked was rihanna in that long batwing sort of hippy colourful top,she wore it with jeans and boots,and her hair was done up in plaits.


  6. Remind you of naomi campbell? no way,naomi campbell has very high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes,jasmine has rounder cheeks and smaller eyes,it would be better if you said jourdan dunn and even with jourdan they are still not similar.


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