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Let’s Get Physical: Music Improves Exercise Endurance

New research has confirmed that pumping up the volume increases exercise

endurance and performance, and also can have such a powerful effect on your mood that it’s hardly surprising that it can help boost endurance levels during exercise.  As the winter months set in, it could prove to be a real boost and should help encourage people to venture out for a run or a workout even when it’s cold and dark. Music is used in bars and restaurants, as well as at weddings and parties to increase everyone’s enjoyment of the event, so why not use it to aid exercise?

The benefits of music are largest for self-paced exercise—in other words those sports where some of the work involved is in deciding when to act, as well as how to act. This means all paced exercises, like rowing or running, rather than un-paced exercises like judo or football.  Music  joins forces with brain activity that is signalling when to move, helping us to keep pace by providing an external timing signal. Or to use a sporting metaphor, it not only helps us out of the starting blocks but it helps to keep us going until we reach the line.


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20 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical: Music Improves Exercise Endurance

  1. The songs in this thread is just so raunchy and funny just what I needed to get my ass off the couch and do some exercise. Im already sampling the moves!


  2. After a weeks long quarrel with my family over whos fault it is why the turkey was burnt, I came across this article. Im rewinding the music, blast loud, room door shut kicking up my feet dancing like I dont give a F. A real stress relief.


  3. They are not reggae songs, they are KAMA SUTRA SONGS for stress relief or if you much prefer to call it dancehall songs with dancehall lyrics.


  4. Making me feel like dancing,. I hate exercise but my foot is already tapping underneath the table, strange how reading this has weaved its sorcery lol.


  5. The moment I start listening to them I got goosebumps, am taking dance lessons, very energitic. My boring self righteous holier than thou boyfriend keep bugging me about yoga classes. Been there done it love, time to move on. he sure do love himself a bit too much. I will not give up yoga classes with him but life is too short to only want to do the same thing only. I like to explore all different kinds of exercises. Plus I enjoy dancing a lot.


  6. There is nothing wrong with his wings. It is clear that he is the lead dancer so obviously he is trying to stand out seeing that they are all wearing white.


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