How To Wear Tights To Dress Up Your Figure In The Winter: When wearing tights a woman should consider how she will pair the tights with an outfit.

Wearing tights and showing some knee can be challenging

for some women but, if paired with the right outfit you can pull off a very flattering look.  Tights has become an essential piece as more women are braving the winter months to show off their figure.

They’re simply your must-haves when you want to adapt to the colder weather without sacrificing your style. Not only do they hide your imperfections, they’re perfect for wearing with a dress, skirts and shorts for fall and winter. They also make it possible for you to wear your spring and summer clothes during winter!

Tights can be a godsend in the winter time if you’re the kind who loves to keep her legs and feet warm all the time. This can also be your best friend if you like wearing skirts and dresses and you don’t want to stop wearing them just because the air is chillier and the temps are lower. If you’re planning on stocking up on tights this winter to make a more cozy and comfortable wardrobe and you don’t want to get stuck with just the basics black you can try fishnets..

Black tights is a must have in your wardrobe.  It is a must have for anyone who plan on wearing lots of dresses and skirts this winter. Black tights go really well with just about anything and everything and so it makes for a versatile layering piece that you won’t ever have trouble pairing with the rest of your wardrobe.

Off white or earth tone – now, if you’re tired of black and you don’t want to add to the dark color palette on the winter outfit you’re already wearing, go for another  color like gray or brown instead. There are plenty of lighter neutral shades that you can utilize to create a softer and lighter look when wearing tights in the winter.

Dresses look perfect with tights – tights are not just perfect for pairing up with dresses, they work well with overall skirts as well and they make a nice addition to one when worn as a winter outfit. Denim overalls, in particular, look very cute with tights, be it black, neutral, colored or otherwise and these two together make a nice and sexy outfit that’s sure to take you back to nostalgic winter days.

Here are some ideas to opt for when you get tired of wearing plain black tights.  Why you should show off your beautiful legs

For many women their legs are true assets. It can add a lot of sex appeal to your outfit. Therefore, the general advice for many women is to show some leg for a hip and youthful appearance.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Colour

Tights are available in such a variety of colours and levels of opacity that it is easy for one to experiment with them, choosing tights that can be sassy and flirty or that will match well with nearly every colour and and pattern of material. A woman can choose tights in a variety of colours from oranges, navy blues and browns to some exciting neons and nearly fluorescent colours.

If your skirt has a pattern, wear plain tights. If the skirt is plain, wear patterned tights  that are of a distinct enough color so they don’t blend in with the skirt.
Although this is easy in the summer, it can be challenging for women who easily get cold.  But Tights are a perfect solution to pair with a skirt or a dress when going off to a christmas party.

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24 thoughts on “How To Wear Tights To Dress Up Your Figure In The Winter: When wearing tights a woman should consider how she will pair the tights with an outfit.

  1. I’m Wearing Blue Ones Now! I love them.. I love the fact that they come in all colours possible and they can have all sorts of patterns and shapes. I personally love wearing patterned tights, especially if the rest of me is wearing black or grey. But black tights are great as they go with any colour.


  2. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable. I am already rocking hats, scarves, gloves and thermal wear to keep out the chill.I am so toasty I am cool. You can’t beat that.


  3. I generally find that the legs are massively too long, and the waistbands rest on my hipbones. I’m 5′ 4″ tall, and I will admit to shortish legs.


  4. Where do leggings fit here? Don’t like tights. Black tights over the head. Good for burglaries. Given the lack of paying jobs, more people should be buying them. lmao!


  5. Is it a sin for a man to like wearing tights? My girlfriend doesn’t like it when I put hers on, although I look better in tights than my lady does, oddly enough. I tried to get around that by buying my own. Somehow, she liked that even less! There’s no pleasing some people.


  6. As much as I like the way tights look and feel its a no no for me. I am an amazon type body girl so wearing tights and showing off my knees look ridiculous. Those women in the pics only look good because of their small bodies, they have the stature of my two daughters, small framed, I will pass this tights trend, jeggings look better on me.


  7. Tights are the work of the devil. They’re so uncomfortable! always good to go bare but I do feel the cold. Are there better options?


  8. I really like it when a girl wears a nice pair of tights or leggings with a dress or skirt. I think that looks better than when a girl wears jeans to be honest.


  9. These ebony girls look so pretty in stockings. I wish I was as slim: Not to say that I look terrible or anything like that. Its just that in my opinion I was much much more attractive when I was their weight. I dont think wearing stockings and over my knee dresses is a good look for me right now, as my thighs have become too thick thanks to my greedy husband that have me snacking on late night deserts.


  10. My stepsister annoys the hell outta me, she likes to bleat on about not clogging her brains with fashion as she swears she is a minimalists whatever that means, yet she is digging through my drawers in the winter borrowing my stockings and tights when the cold start to nip her d*mb ass, am like b**ch buy ur own and stop freeload.


  11. I do not like the feel of stockings. scratch the living daylight off my skin one night, Tights make my skin itch. I am alergic to tights. ugh cannot bare the sight of


  12. Have been going through my closet last night searching for something to wear and this post popped into my email and bingo, I suddenly remember that I bought a few biege stockings that could go perfectly well with my biege top and leather skirt. Every now and then you have that outfit idea relief moment.


  13. I bought a pair of red patterned tights the other day and I wore it with black jeans skirt and a cute little sleeveless spandex top to a party, everybody complimented me on how good I looked. I am very glad that I bought them.


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