Rebecca Ferguson -the soulful british pop princess this girl’s voice is amazingly beautiful and needs to be heard by the world

Ferguson has said her family supported her ambition to become a professional singer and helped her through two previous X Factor auditions.

She also revealed that she was “bullied as a kid because my family was poor and I never had the right clothes or toys.” Despite having a difficult start in life, the hopeful insisted she wanted people to focus solely on her talent.

Ferguson sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” during her initial audition.   At her bootcamp audition, she sang “Like a Star” to which Cowell said “That is a recording voice!” and Nicole Scherzinger said, “I told you first time I saw her, she is our generation’s songbird. She sang “Fireflies” at judges’ houses and made it through to the live shows.

For the first live show she sang “Teardrops” and in the second live show she sang “Feeling Good”. In the third live show she sang “Why Don’t You Do Right?” and in the fourth live show she sang “Wicked Game”.

In the fifth live show, Rebecca received a standing ovation from Simon and Cheryl following her performance of “Make You Feel My Love”. In the following episode, Rebecca received another standing ovation from Dannii and Cheryl after singing “Candle in the Wind”. In the final, she performed a duet with Christina Aguilera, performing Aguilera’s hit single “Beautiful”. Ferguson’s winner’s song was a cover of Duffy’s “Distant Dreamer”, but she finished as the runner-up to Matt Cardle, making her the first female runner-up on The X Factor.…

24 thoughts on “Rebecca Ferguson -the soulful british pop princess this girl’s voice is amazingly beautiful and needs to be heard by the world

  1. Bond James Bond
    she would be great singing in a james bond film. her voice is so calming and balanced yet intruiging, powerful, smooth and strong!


  2. I wonder if any or some of these artists realise that some or even most of their youtube views are being stolen and being streamed to other artists?


  3. I’ve often wondered where those peddlers got their fake views from that they were selling and advertising under various artists page that were just breaking out.


  4. The girl band stooshe has their views on SLIP streamed to other people’s videos i believe. It was a very popular video and it was advertising on various sites but their views never grew, AND THEIR BLACK HEART VIDEO has been at 9 million for years it is slowly climbing. They think they can fool all people all the time.


  5. Yes it’s true. the british singer jamelia had 10 million views on one of her superstar video in 2013 and it was wiped off. I dont know if it has multiplied back since then.


  6. Ella eyre had 10 mill on one of her vids the next day i click on the same link it went down to to five….maybe the artists are selling their own views who knows.


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