Enthusiastic teacher explains why she likes teaching and prefer it compare to other proffessions.


“I really enjoy teaching, but I prefer the babies rather than the older set of students. It’s better to mould them at that age; but when they are 10, 11 and 12, it’s much more difficult at that time,” she said.

With roughly 15 years in the profession, the youthful woman has taught mainly at the primary level. During her pre-trained years, however, she worked as an assistant kindergarten teacher at a preparatory school.

The St Mary native and Moneague College alum is now a senior teacher at the Zion Hill Primary, since 2001.

“This is my second time at the sixth grade. I used to be a grade one teacher for about 10 years or so. I was a grade one teacher, then I went to grade two then grade three, and I’m back at grade six. One, two, three and six,” Nugent Morgan said.

When asked why she chose teaching after she was denied a spot in the police force, she said: “My favourite aunt, she’s a teacher and I look up to her a lot, Mrs Campbell. She was the principal at Saint Cyprians Prep School for a number of years, so I sort of emulated her and became a teacher.”

Zion Hill Primary currently has roughly over 200 pupils enrolled and according to Nugent Morgan, though the population is on the decline, the school performs well academically.

“We do well in academics, especially in the national exams; that’s the literacy, numeracy and the GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test). Most times when the kids do the exams they get passes or get placed at the traditional high schools, and sometimes in Kingston as well,” she told Observer North East.

She noted that in the last batch of GSAT candidates, students were placed at The Queen’s School, Calabar High, as well as Ardenne High.

“What the parents do now is sometimes they let them travel from St Mary to Kingston in the mornings, or they find someone in Kingston for them to stay with. Most times they let them travel because it’s easy to get transportation from Highgate and back,” she explained.

She said for this batch of students, there were not as many selecting schools in Kingston as the Ministry of Education is encouraging them to select schools within the region.

“This year, yes, some would like to go to the schools in Kingston, but I realise there weren’t that many choices in Kingston. I guess depending on the socio-economic status of the parents, many have opted not to choose the schools in Kingston and stay in St Mary,” she reasoned.

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