Simple ways to help you manage your anger: Just recognising these patterns can be an enormous help

Just recognising these patterns can be an enormous help.
Give yourself some time

A simple way to help you manage your anger when a trigger situation arises is to give yourself some time before you react.

This allows you to really think about how you react, rather than reacting instinctively. Try the following suggestions to see if they help:

Take some deep breaths – Breathing out for longer than you breathe in can help to calm you.
Count to 10 – A simple act that can give you enough time to calm yourself before you react.
Do something else – Instead of reacting, try to distract yourself by doing something else. If you can, try to channel that energy into something creative.
Listen to calming music/sounds – Create a calming playlist and listen to it when you start to feel angry.

Try a few different distraction techniques and see what works best for you. Again, this is something you can discuss with your hypnotherapist as they may have some alternative suggestions.
Try some relaxation techniques

Stress and anger tend to go hand in hand. Many people find reducing their stress levels helps them to keep their anger under control. Relaxation techniques challenge the physical aspects of stress and anger. This can help you refrain from lashing out or behaving violently when you get angry.

Try some of the following techniques when you are feeling stressed:

breathing exercises.

One of the ways hypnotherapy for anger can help is by triggering the body’s relaxation response. During a hypnotherapy session you will fall into a deeply relaxed state. It is at this point that the hypnotherapist offers suggestions to help control your anger.
Be assertive

As we have mentioned previously, being unable to express anger can lead to anger management issues. To help you express your opinions, it can help to learn how to be assertive. Being assertive allows you to tell people your opinions in a healthier way. Try the following tips for being more assertive:

When you feel angry, tell people and explain why.
When you do this, speak slowly and clearly.
Use phrases like “I think” and “I feel” to put the focus on you rather than them.
Try to make requests instead of demands or threats.
Say “I might” and “I could” instead of “I should” or “I must”.

Having the ability to express yourself in this way should stop you from bottling up your emotions. This can be especially helpful to those who feel persistently angry.
Plan difficult conversations

If you know you have to have a difficult conversation that may make you feel angry, try to plan ahead. Make some notes about what you want to say using the assertive tips mentioned above. Plan some relaxation/distraction techniques if you think you may react quickly.

Sticking to your notes about what you want to say will help you stay in control. It will also help prevent you from getting side-tracked. If you can, talk to your hypnotherapist about the upcoming situation as they can advise you further.
Look at your lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle can impact your body’s stress levels. This can have a significant effect on your anger levels, so is worth considering. A healthy, balanced diet can give you more energy and help you feel more upbeat.


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