Safaree Samuels release new raps and talks about ghost writing

I’m working on a new EP right now, and I recorded a song with Ky-Mani Marley. Super excited about that.

I love Bob Marley, so being in the studio with Ky-Mani Marley [Bob Marley’s son] was insane. It was a surreal experience.

We’re in the era now where it doesn’t matter who writes your stuff because when you really think about it, people don’t even care what the artists is saying. The old school era cares about what people are writing but they’re not even the ones buying records.

It’s these young people who are buying records, and they don’t care who’s writing the raps. But in the business, it’s more of a pride and ego thing, where people are like, “Ain’t nobody gonna say they write my raps.”

Then there’s some people who are like, “Yeah, write me a whole thing and I’ll take some lines from it.” It’s all about delivery and however you put it out there, and that’s what matters. [Fans] don’t care about a songwriter or a ghostwriter. When someone’s going to buy a song that they like, they’re not asking who wrote it, they just like the song. That’s all behind the scenes industry stuff.

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Im excited to announce my new charity called "Stunt4jamaica" 🇯🇲‼️ it will be to help kids with school supplies clothing and supply a new school every month with a new computer! I'm going to do as much as I can do. Everything I sell from now on including coconut oil CDs shirts a percentage of it will be going to my charity! I don't do what I do to be famous and take pictures, I want to help people who really need it! So if you want to help in anyway the contact is ! I wanna do socks tees hats shirts books pens music local equipment everything that a school can use! This is something I will never stop doing and I'm very excited about it. If your a media outlet with any class report about this so I can get as much help as possible! I've experienced the cars and big houses already, I've grown out of it so this is what I want to do.. I wish my mind frame was here a few yrs ago but you live and you learn 🙏🏾🙏🏾🇯🇲🇯🇲 LETS GO WORLD ‼️ #stunt4jamaica 🎥 world famous @maineventt_kingnyte #stuntgang #safaree

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10 thoughts on “Safaree Samuels release new raps and talks about ghost writing

  1. Did anyone watch the episode of love and hip hop and saw him and big bottom mudduras making out? What a scene i thought that they were gonna do it on the table the way that they were carrying on.


  2. One thing with safaree even though he is not too good at rapping he can sing in a sexy tone. I think safaree should focus more on r&b singing only in English ; and leave the patwa out of his rapping. He sound better and 100 times hotter singing and rapping r&b style.


  3. What a lovely young man he is giving back to children who cannot afford school supplies. More people should follow in his and Serena Williams foot step. God bless Mr safaree Samuels.


  4. Go buy his safaree Samuels coconut oil so that he can gift some children a chance at school and dont forget to download all his music including swerve.


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