Producer/rapper Safaree announced that his new charity is called Stunt4Jamaica

The producer made the announcement through his Instagram account.

“I am so excited to announce my new charity called Stunt4Jamaica. It will be to help kids with school supplies, clothing, and supply a school every month with a new computer,” a section of the post read.

According to the 35-year-old entertainer, a percentage of the cash accumulated from CDs, T-shirts and coconut oil will be contributed to the Jamaican charity.

“I don’t do what I do to be famous and take pictures. I want to help people who really need it. So if you want help in any way the contact is I want to do socks, tees, shirts, books, pens and just everything that a school can use. This is some thing that I will never stop doing and I’m very excited about it,” he continued.

Safaree (given name Safaree Samuels) is co-producer of Nicky Minja’s Pink Friday: Roman Reload. He was part of a group called Hood$tars with Minaj, Lou$tar and rapper Svn-Up.

Last year the rapper announced that he was dating the pretty model Zashia Santiago. Safaree couldn’t keep his hands off Zashia when he posed for a pic with his new buxom babe — kinda easy to see why.

They were seen everywhere getting cosy and even went on a romantic trip to Jamaica, but it seems that the producer has moved on already as it is rumoured that he has moved in with a HOT new chic by the name of Analicia Chaves.

Goodbye Zashia Santiago and hello Analicia Chaves, otherwise known as Ana Montana because Safaree Samuels has a new main squeeze. According to The Shade Room, the “Burner” rapper and Chaves moved in together and recently purchased a new home.

“Shout to the first clients of the new year,” wrote the real estate agent who secured the house for the rumored couple. “@iamsafaree X @ ana_montana are officially moving into their new home.

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4 thoughts on “Producer/rapper Safaree announced that his new charity is called Stunt4Jamaica

  1. I like his old raps and videos because that is the real him. He should stick to the real him’ the old him because it is classier. Don’t go too ghetto because of peer pressure stay true to yourself.


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