Sugar Ray Leonard Usher Was Fantastic As Me

Sugar Ray Leonard is heaping praise on Usher’s performance in the new Roberto Duran movie … saying Usher was “fantastic” at portraying him … specifically in the love scenes.

We got Leonard out at LAX and asked him about the new Duran biopic, “Hands Of Stone,” in which Mr. Raymond plays Mr. Leonard.

Everyone knows Usher got in INSANE shape for the movie, and his boxing was on point … but we wanted to know how he did in those all-important bedroom booty scenes … and if Sugar approved.

Check out the clip — Leonard seems to be on board with Usher’s moves in and out of the ring, telling our guy the music legend “performed very well” in those intimate moments.



HANDS OF STONE Official Trailer #2 (2016) Edgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro

Driving Test Success All Tests 2016 Edition (PC DVD ROM)


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