Kanye West shares rare picture of daughter North surrounded by glow sticks

Clearly the beautiful picture of North caught in a quieter moment is a special one to the rapper for him to decide to share it.

The stunning image shows the three-year-old in a bath covered to her head in water and surrounded by glow sticks as she stares past the camera.

Kanye posted the image alongside a throwback from his high school yearbook in 1995.

Proving he’s been focused on his art from a young age, it showed a young Kanye hard at work alongside the message: “Kanye West puts the finishing touches on one of his many pieces of award winning art-work.”

Kanye West Wants ‘Every Station Across the Globe’ to Play Frank Ocean


This will make the world better”

Kanye West is quite the fan of Frank Ocean’s new album Blonde. West being West, he took to Twitter Tuesday night to sing his praises with the music of hyperbole — encouraging “every [radio] station across the globe” to play Ocean’s new music “at least 10 times a day.”

“This will make the world better,” he wrote. Ocean dropped his highly anticipated album on Sunday after a four-year wait.

“Radio has to support amazing artists,” West said. He also referred to himself and Drake — both fans of Ocean’s, both of whom receive their fair share of airtime.

You can read the entirety of his Twitter monologue below:

If anyone at radio really loves music … Come together and pick your favorite Frank Ocean song and play it at least 10 times a day.

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) August 23, 2016

Every station across the globe. I Heart. Clear Channel local stations. Satellite. Every station. This will make the world better.

Frank Ocean – At Your Best / You Are Love (Endless / Boys Don’t Cry Album)

Return Home To Your Heart: LOVE is waiting for you

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