Elvis Presley’s secret Chevy van uncovered: To be restored

One of elvis’s most precious car to be restored back to its former glory.  The team of men made this glorious find while rummaging through his old garage.

While he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army in 1958, the rock and roll star bought a 1957 BMW 507 roadster that had previously been used for racing and as a show car by the automaker.

The 507 was one of the “it” cars of the era, and Elvis’ Feather White model got more than its fair share of attention. As the story goes, so many of his female fans used to write notes on it in lipstick that he had it repainted red.

After completing his service, Elvis brought the car back to the Unted States in 1960, but soon traded it in to a dealer who flipped it for $4,500. During its 1955 to 1959 run, BMW only built 254 examples of the 507, and today they’re worth up to $2.5 million.

That is, of course, if they’re in perfect condition. The person who bought Elvis’ car modified it for racing with a Chevrolet V8, plus a new gearbox and rear axle, cutting the frame in the process.

By 1968, it had changed owners a couple of times and ended up in the hands of collector Jack Castor, who stored it in a “pumpkin warehouse” in Alabama to await a restoration that never happened.

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