Theresa May: there can only ever be one Margaret Thatcher

One thing the British people should not expect is another Margaret Thatcher.

She said: ““I think there can only ever be one Margaret Thatcher.

“I’m not someone who naturally looks to role models. I’ve always, whatever job it is I’m doing at the time, given it my best shot.

“I put my all into it, and try to do the best job I can.”

On Brexit; Theresa May has been quite steadfast on the matter in the last fortnight.

She said: “I couldn’t be clearer. BREXIT means Brexit. And we’re going to make a success of it.

“There will be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it by the back door, and no second referendum.”

Theresa May’s elevation to PM has already boosted the ECONOMY and markets and the pound – craving confidence and political stability – have already reacted well to her appointment.

The Bank of England is expected to cut the base interest rate on the first day of her Premiership – which will pump more money into the economy.

May has suggested she wants in place a proper industrial strategy “to get the whole economy firing”.

Top of her priority list is likely to be putting in place a timetable for Brexit which will further restore confidence and stability to the markets.

While most in the city believe that after six years under Cameron AUSTERITY has run its course – Theresa May has said the government should “continue with its intention to reduce public spending and cut the budget deficit”.

She has said: “There are millions of people in poorer countries who would love to live in Britain, and there is a limit to the amount of immigration any country can and should take.

“We must have an immigration system that allows us to control who comes into our country.

Theresa May has said she will “cherish” the National Health Service.  If Jeremy Hunt does not stay on as health minister it will likely signal that she has a different attitude and potential approach to the junior doctors’ strike.

She said: “If you’re from an ordinary, WORKING-CLASS family, life is just much harder than many people in politics realise.

“You have a job, but you don’t always have job security. You have your own home, but you worry about mortgage rates going up.

“You can just about manage, but you worry about the cost of living and the quality of the local school, because there’s no other choice for you.”

“These are the reasons why, under my leadership, the Conservative Party will put itself – completely, absolutely, unequivocally – at the service of ordinary, working people.

“It is why we will make Britain a country that works for everyone.”


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