Lady Gaga is set to star with Bradley Cooper in a star is born

Gaga is in talks to co-star opposite Cooper in the remake of the aptly-titled film, A Star Is Born, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Cooper is also directing the movie and has eyed a number of talented women for the leading role (read: Beyoncé, who had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with a little tour she has happening right now, according to Variety.) Now, Cooper and Warner Brothers are negotiating with Gaga for the part after studio executives were impressed with her screen test.

A Star Is Born will be a remake of a film from 1937 about a one-time iconic actor dealing with his rapidly declining career who helps an aspiring actress make it in Hollywood. Fingers crossed this movie makes it to the Oscars so we can get another incredible performance from Gaga herself.

Since Beyonce’s decision to refuse the part in this A Star is Born remake, Bradley Cooper has met with dozens of actresses in hopes to quickly fill the role. Lady Gaga was reportedly high on his list of contenders.
In the event you’re counting, this is the fourth time A Star is Born will hit the big screen. The first time was in 1937. According to IMDb, William Wellman’s film told the tale of Esther Blodgett and Norman Maine. She was a rising star. He was an alcoholic. His musical career was quickly going down the drain.

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