Delus Battling Depression For Years Before Suicide

Dancehall star Delus was battling depression for years before his death. Sources told us that things got worst when he started having some problems with his baby mama a few months ago.

Konshens and his girlfriend were not in the dark about it but sources close to the deejay are saying that they thought that things would eventually worked out.  “They knew about it but didn’t know the extent of it no one knew it was so bad that he would take his own life,” sources said.

Konshens also responded to rumors from some of the rumors circulating while also confirming that his brother was suffering from depression.

“Please ignore the suddenly qualified psychiatrists and judges and life experts,” the “Realest Song” deejay wrote on IG. “Lets hope none of them ever really has to experience what true depression is. Nuff love to all well wishers unnu really a help.”

Delus – What Tomorrow May Bring | Official Music Video | R.I.P Delus

Delus – Getaway

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