Brown Skin ENVY? Well Envy No More Because You Too Can Achieve A Beautiful Soft Toned Complexion

I swear by Golden Glow Moisturizing Body Lotion, as I am a regular user and it has done wonders for my complexion.  My skin is now a soft brown healthy glow and all my freckles has disappeared! overnight. 

My skin tone is a beautiful golden brown after using it. I’m now getting compliments all the time and is MISTAKEN by some for this black beauty Halle Berry.  Before using this product I was very self conscious of my uneven skin tone.  Please try it, I promise that you wont regret it.

This beauty-award winning multi-purpose tanning body lotion, moisturises as it provides your skin with a gradual, streak-free, natural-looking golden tan appearance. In addition, radiance-revealing micro-pigments optically minimise small imperfections making them less noticeable. This great lightweight, daily tanning body lotion product fortifies and boosts your skin with key vitamins to deliver and promote a beautiful and healthy-looking glow.

Featured Ingredients

Kiwi fruit The kiwi is an Asian shrub that has been cultivated in France since the Seventies. It was the New Zealanders who named it after their national bird. The oblong fruit has slightly acid green flesh and contains an extraordinary number of vitamins. Also known as the fruit of 7 vitamins, it is the richest in vitamins C & E and possesses the highest concentration of nutrients.

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm which grows in tropical regions. The tree’s tall, slender trunk is topped by a crown of leaves. The fruit is protected by a large, fibrous shell, and its firm, white flesh and milk are edible. Copra oil is extracted from the fruit and often used in cosmetology to tone and protect skin.
Sunflower The name “Helianthus” from the Greek “helios” (sun) and “anthos” (flower), is derived from a legend of Greek mythology. In the myth, a young mortal falls in love with the god Helios and dies from love by constantly watching him. Moved by her plight, Helios turns her into a plant whose flower head follows the movement of the sun throughout the day. In cosmetics, sunflower is used in many ways. The oil and wax from the seeds have moisturizing and protective benefits.

13 thoughts on “Brown Skin ENVY? Well Envy No More Because You Too Can Achieve A Beautiful Soft Toned Complexion

  1. Me too I have brownskin envy. This subject is a blessing in disguise, people dont know that some of us black women are looking for a tan. They tend to think otherwise. The tanning cream I use is Clinique Self Tanners Body Tinted Lotion Light to Medium 125ml. Black woman with pale skin.


  2. I am mulato and my cousins are brown and darkskinned. I do use tanning lotions because when I go out in the sun my skin becomes red and blotchy, and I do get some serious looking red marks which I hate. When I use tanning lotions the marks are less conspicuous.


  3. So glad u started this thread! Am a black woman with very light skin and in the winter it tends to get extremely white and pale. People tend to think that only white people use tanning lotions but they are so wrong. Im currently using st tropez and also palmers tanning lotion.


  4. The black community cater more for darker skin and ignore black people with pale skin. This is something that needs to be adressed. I started getting brownskin envy after my redish palish skin got very sun burned when I was living in miami eventhough I wore sun cream. I developed these unsightly freckles all over my arms and face and I started feeling insecure at pool parties. I stop wearing sleeveless and tried all sorts of make up for black women, but they did not work as most only catered for dark and ebony tones. Then I started to use tanning creams and lotions and I was very surprised at the difference.


  5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Tanning Lotion 400ml works wonders! Am a brown girl and I am troubled with freckles from my childhood as I use to like spending lots of time in the sun. When I grew up unfortunately the freckles stayed with me. Ive heard stories that brown girls with freckles use lightening creams and eventually the marks would go. I started using all sorts of lightening creams to erase the freckles but while it lighten my skin the freckles remain. I grew frustrated and stop using lightening creams and instead use tanning creams and it mask lots of the imperfections.


  6. My family bloodline is creole, we’e got various shades of brown in our family ties but it so happen that I was the one that stood out as my complexion is pale and my hair is afro. I started experimenting with sun beds and it was the biggest mistake that I have ever made. Brown spots and freckles started showing up on my skin especially my forehead. That forced me to start using tanning lotions to hide the freckles. You can get some very reasonably priced lotions at walmart. “If you want to look like you just got back from a beach vacation, opt for a dark range. For a light bronze glow, a classic formula will do the trick.”


  7. I am very fair and I use palmers tanning lotion to even out my skin tone. it gives you a nice golden glow. I believe the palmers tanning lotion is made specificly for black women who wants to tan their fair skin. I also think as a black woman I look more attractive with a tan than with fair skin in my opinion. Am a proud brownskin envy fair skin black woman donning a tan that I bought from palmers lol.


  8. Me too! brownskin envy girl here lol. St tropez mouse works well with my very high skin complexion but when I was introduced to palmers tanning lotion it work wonders!!!! My skin is now a golden brown like my sister’s and no one can tell that Im using a tanner as there are no streak marks on my skin.


  9. Palmers tanning cream is very good u should try it. I went from a rihanna to a halle now my skin tone is a beyonce. Everyone around has notice the difference and I like the compliments that Im getting. Golden glow is too pricey and the amount u get is small.


  10. My love affair with brownskin envy started when I got burnt a few years ago, when my hot water bottle burst while I was asleep. When it healed I was left with a huge scar. I have tried everything but the scar is still visible that’s how I became hooked on tanning lotions. St tropez tanning mous works good with brown girls that are trying to hide scars and blotches on their skin.


  11. Dont waste your money on clarins golden glow unless you’ve already got a flawless complexion like halle berry and just looking for a smoother tan. If you got freckles and blotches go for palmers tanning lotion, it is made for fair black and brown girls that are trying to hide bruise or blemishes.


  12. UGH cant stand the smell of st tropez mouss, and I do not like the finish when it is dried, does nothing for my complexion.


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