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How To Read Bedtime Stories To Your Kids

Cultivates Imagination
Now that visual stimulation is served up via television, IPads, IPhones, Xbox etc., children rarely get to tap into their imaginations unless we read to them, or until they can read.

Get into Character

Bedtime stories should be told in a relaxed atmosphere — so let’s begin by switching off the TV. And, where possible, add some dramatization to the stories. Try reading in different voices or carry out some of the actions being performed by the characters in the book. Anything that makes it a more stimulating story will make storytime more fun.

Attention Advantage

Once you’re all snuggled up with your child for bedtime stories, it’s a great time to influence him/her with life lessons by agreeing or disagreeing with events in the book.

Establishes a Habit

When you end your children’s day with bedtime stories, that special time will become
a habit and part of life. Reading to your kids, turns them into readers. When you make Uncle_Frank
reading a pleasure, you’ll never have to encourage your kids to read, they’ll just do it.

The perfect way to end a day

Babies and children love routine and rituals. The joy of looking forward to a story makes a bedtime routine so much more fun and exciting. Ending the day with a loving cuddle and a book helps a child wind down ready for sleep.

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