Summer: Few tips to get summer ready

“A fake tan brings out muscle definition so you instantly look more toned,” says L.A. tanning specialist Jimmy Coco, who bronzes Kim Kardashian. To define abs with a dab of tanning lotion, trace a line from sternum to belly button and diagonally along the obliques.

Root Out Unwanted Hair For Good

Ready to toss your razor? Unlike IPL and electrolysis, the in-salon Depilar System ($20–$150 per treatment; for salons) is painless and works on all skin tones. “It’s an enzyme-based gel an aesthetician can apply after waxing to destroy empty hair follicles,” says N.Y.C. skin care expert Elke Von Freudenberg. Hair is gone in four to eight treatments.

Melons are the perfect hot-weather food,” says L.A. nutritionist Jonny Bowden. “They hydrate without bloating and fill you up without putting you in a food coma.” You might also want to limit artificial sweeteners, even in diet soda—they can cause temporary belly expansion, as do broccoli, cabbage and beans.

Create Lean Muscle

WORKOUTUse a Valband Deluxe or similar product to complete the following exercises.• 15 rows• 10 push-ups• 15 bicep curls • 15 tricep extensions• Repeat and follow up with 30 minutes of cardio.BONUS TIP”When you group 4-6 strength exercises together in a circuit, you will get a total body pump,” says Waters. “You will melt fat and feel tighter right away!”

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