How to wear a little black dress

the classic little black dress can go a very long way. It can move you seamlessly from the office to a party – all with the addition or removal of the right accessories and complementary clothing. But in a world where many women are relying on their little black dress to beautify their wardrobe and make them look fantastic, it can be hard to stand out among all the other little black dresses. Here are some suggestions for dressing up your little black dress so that you stand out from the crowd.

Trendy for Teenagers: For the younger ones who want to wear a LBD (little black dress) with a twist, try making it funky by pairing it up with kitsch jewelry with matching bright nail polish (like bubblegum pink or turquoise) and maybe even bright tights to go with it!

Evening wear, incredible dates, and amazing events: This dress can be slinkier and yet should remain well-shaped. Look for a ruched black dress with straps, close-fitting but in fabric that conceals all, and with a heart-shaped bodice. The length should end on the knee.

Wear the dress rather than letting the dress wear you. Black is the ultimate classic color and the easiest to work with, and if you can wear it well, you can’t go wrong. However, black doesn’t suit everyone.  If black doesn’t suit you, be sure to keep the dress as far from your face as possible (such as using a plunging or deeply rounded neckline and straps instead of sleeves).That way, it won’t drain the color from your face but you can still benefit from the elegance, simplicity, and backdrop of wearing black.

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