Hold Up Stockings How To Wear Them

Hold Ups, also known as stay ups, are a fantastic alternative to tights. They are just as sexy as stockings, but you do not need a suspender belt to wear them. They are cooler during the summer than tights and are absolutely nuisance-free to wear (when they are put on right).
How They WorkHold ups are kept in place by a combination of a silicone band and elasticated top. If correctly selected for size and put on properly, there should be no risk of them falling down.It is important to get the right size hold up stockings for you. When wearing hold ups ensure that the lace band fits snugly but not tightly onto your leg. The lace should be positioned mid-thigh for maximum comfort and fit.
Avoid using products like body lotions and talcum powder as these hinder the effectiveness of the silicone grip, and your hold ups could slip out of position. (Similarly when washing, use of fabric conditioners is not recommended).

Turn the top of the hold up stocking over so it is not touching your leg until it is in position, then flip up and smooth onto your leg (i.e. the silicone does not come into contact with the skin until in correct position).

Top Tip If you want to wear hold ups on your wedding day, it is a good idea to test them first. On your wedding day you are likely to apply loads of moisturiser, and be hotter than normal due to nerves and the number of layers under your dress (both can reduce the efficacy of the silicone, making it difficult for the stocking to stay up).

They’re versatile and timeless, giving you that sexy look in a snap! Blacks are also great to slim down full legs and elongate short legs. It’s up to you if you want to buy them with lace band or not – I suggest buying one pair with lace (makes you feel extra pretty!) and another pair that are office work friendly.





31 thoughts on “Hold Up Stockings How To Wear Them

  1. I got to say that you look great in both outfits but I prefer the 2nd one as it adds to the quality of the stockings, just wish it was a bit shorter lol. Lovely pattern, you have a great shape and legs.


  2. no matter what you wear you look sexy in it honey it could be a potato sack and your coca cola bottle curves makes any outfit a killa one.


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