Do you like Vintage Sunglasses? How to wear them

For round faces: You want to create angles in your face, but with the vintage frames they are going to be wider and deeper all around. Use some type of rectangular shape, with a lighter bridge. (The piece on your nose that hold the frames together) To widen eyes, try a metal vintage frame.
For oval faces: There is already balance in the oval face, so any vintage frame can work. Compliment your eyes with some color if you really want your frame to stand out.
For oblong faces: You still want to make the face look shorter, so a deep frame would work. Most of these vintage frames are deep and make sure there is some design somewhere on the frame.
For base-down triangle faces: This face is narrow in the forehead and widens at the cheek and chin. Pick out a cat-eye frame. They are so in right now.
For base-up triangle faces: This face is wide at the top and smaller at the bottom. Try a rimless round frame in a light color.
For diamond-shaped faces: Oval or cat-eyed frames work the best. The vintage frames might be a little deeper, but can still compliment the face.
For a square face: You want to soften your angles. Do not pick out any cat-eyed frames or anything with a point.

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