Bodycon Dress: A Guide To Bodycon For Curious Women

What is a Bodycon Dress?

A bodycon dress is a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body from the bust to the lower hem. It typically has three lengths: upper thigh, mid thigh or knee. Bodycon dresses are usually made of a lycra and polyester blend, to give them enough elasticity to hug the figure smoothly. These tight fitting dresses are popular as evening wear, but are increasingly worn as day wear when correctly and creatively accessorised.

Bodycon dresses have evolved from a simple style and now can appear in various guises. Some bodycon dresses are strapless, while others have wide straps or sleeves. The neckline is typically low, showing a considerable amount of cleavage. Many bodycon dresses have cut away sections and peepholes running down the sides of the dresses, and others are backless.
Who Should Wear a Bodycon Dress?

Bodycon dresses cling to every curve and bump of the body, so it takes a confident woman to successfully carry the look off. The form-fitting nature of the dress emphasises the silhouette and lends itself most successfully to slim and curvaceous women.

Jewellery for Bodycon Dresses

Jewellery can be a useful accessory for a bodycon dress, but is also good to be aware of when to go without jewellery, in the case of a dress that is stunning by itself. Many bodycon dresses have low cut, plunging necklines, or leave the shoulders bare, so a large, long necklace, made from beads, or a chain with a large metalwork pendant is a good choice, especially for a block coloured dress.

It creates a focal point within the outfit. For women wearing dresses with bare shoulders and swept back hair, long, dangly earrings with a splash of glitter or delicate, sparkling studs, help to draw the eye upward. For day wear, beaded necklaces, either in simple materials, like wood, or in vibrant colours, can reduce the amount of bare skin showing at the top of dress.

Bodycon dresses are not for the feint of heart: they are worn by body confident women. Those with hourglass figures are best suited to this style of tight, figure-hugging dress. Once the right fit has been determined, how a woman wears a bodycon dress is largely about getting her accessories right. Although bodycon dresses were originally seen only as evening wear, they can be skillfully accessorised for casual daywear.

Understanding the key accessories that should be worn with a bodycon dress, including shoes or boots, tights, belts, jackets, cardigans, and jewellery helps a woman to create a look that enhances the dress rather than distract from it. Importantly, the underwear chosen must not create visible lines, so thongs, and backless or strapless bras are a useful items to have in the underwear drawer.

13 thoughts on “Bodycon Dress: A Guide To Bodycon For Curious Women

  1. I so wish I can wear something like this but the way my bottom belly is set up its a no go. But you look good girl.


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