55 thoughts on “Prince and Michael Jackson: The intense rivalry

  1. Both Legendary and incredibly talented, the likes of which will never grace this earth again. there is no such as “The Next Michael Jackson” or “The Next Prince”, there is only one of each and they were both one of a kind and are greatly missed.


  2. I can’t even believe i’m even talking about Prince in the past tense like this. this is like 2009 all over again.


  3. Although I never got to see Michael live, I did see Prince and he was astounding. RIP boys, you are both going to be missed.


  4. Prince is a musical genius and Michael was… RIP. I would’ve loved to see them in concert together , but sadly it could never happen.


  5. Contrary to popular belief, Michael and Prince never had any problems with each other. In fact, I do believe that they were friends. Not CLOSE friends, but I’m sure they’ve hung out on more than one occasion.


  6. If anything, they probably saw each other as inspirations to each other, much like the Beatles and Beach Boys. It’s a shame we never got to see any real collaboration with these two.


  7. Prince said: We all have to come back home sometime? let’s wait it out…… hmmmmm…..LOVE them both! 😀 <3


  8. Michael admired Prince and Prince admires him hence the several references they make to each other. Prince wanted to be himself. Period.


  9. Prince did want to feel bought like Eddie Van Halen or Slash when he was asked by MJ to be play on his album an be in BAD video.


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