Justin Bieber male bonding with pal Bill Nye

There’s another person appearing in the Biebs’ Insta posts, but nope, it’s not Gomez. On Sunday, Bieber gushed over Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yes, you read that correctly. Suddenly, I’ve never related to him more. I’m sure my fellow ’90s kids agree that Bill Nye helped make science fun. Along with the photo, Bieber wrote,

If I meet bill nye the science guy my life will be complete .. What if I pulled up with Bill nye everywhere I went.. Meeting people like, “hey this is my homie bill” . Shoutout bill for helping us all get out of science class to watch a movie.

He also shared a photo of actor Taye Diggs, along with the following caption: “Taye Diggs when you smile I smile.”



Beyoncé and Jay Z Host ‘Intimate’ Afterparty Inside Miami Hotel

If Beyoncé and Jay Z’s recent behavior in Miami is any indication, it would appear the forgiveness portion of her new album, Lemonade, is the couple’s current focus.

After Beyoncé’s Wednesday night sold-out show at Marlins Park, the famed twosome held an intimate party at Miami’s hottest new hotel, the Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

Bey and Jay celebrated the kick-off of her world tour with hotel owners Alan Faena and his wife Ximena Camino as well as a range of close friends in the hotel’s Saxony Bar, sources tell PEOPLE. Jay was spotted relaxing outside the hotel smoking a cigar earlier this week.

Following the festivities, sources report that Beyoncé, 34, and Jay Z, 46, took a romantic stroll on the grounds of the hotel, stopping to admire artist Damien Hirst’s famed, gilded woolly mammoth art installation, “Gone But Not Forgotten.”

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