The best ways to get fit this summer

Spring is here and summer is coming fast.  Are you serious about finally getting rid of belly fat and increasing your tone and definition to create the beach body you’ve desired?

Prepping for your summer holiday can be a time-consuming affair. From self-tanning to dropping a few pounds, there is a seemingly never-ending list of beautifying tasks to tick off before you feel ready to hit the beach.

By starting preparations now and following our expert guide on what to do and when, you’ll be ready for your holiday in no time.

“Eat extra helpings of green, leafy vegetables and good quality lean protein and you will be on your way to a healthy summer body.”

Eating the right kinds of foods can also lead to a flatter stomach. “Fibre-rich raw vegetables as well as lightly-cooked vegetables will cleanse your digestive system, which may result in less bloating,” Lily adds.

Antioxidants can also help you de-bloat so try swapping your usual afternoon cuppa for a healthy green tea such as Pukka Herbs Supreme Matcha Green Tea, £1.89 (

Magnesium, found in spinach, bananas, nuts, seeds, fish and whole grains, will also help you achieve a flatter stomach.

Getting active will not only speed up your weight loss but help you tone up, sleep better and give you an energy boost.  Pick a sport or book an exercise class that gives you a full body workout.  I recommend the cardio dance workout DVD with In The Dance Fitness  by Yendi Phillips.  What can we expect from this workout?  You can expect a high energy, muscle sculpting, fat burning dance party.

No matter how toned or fit you are, cellulite can still affect you. The orange peel effect can be tough to shift but by using the right treatment it is possible to reduce the appearance in just one week.

The best way to do this is with a cellulite-busting spa treatment. “This should be conducted one week before hitting the beach.  “Prepare skin for waxing by using a scrub the day before and don’t use any moisturiser on the day of the wax as it acts as a barrier.

“Also make sure you don’t go in the sun for 48 hours before you have a wax, so your skin does not become irritated. “Ensure you wait 24 hours before applying fake tan to give your skin a chance to calm down.

Applied properly, fake tan can be your legs’ best friend, making them look slimmer and helping to even out skin tone while you are on holiday. For the perfect faux glow, start the process a couple of days before you go away.

“First, exfoliate from top to toe,Next, apply a firming body butter to hydrate, tighten and tone your skin. Massage it in to boost circulation and give skin a radiant glow.  “The day before you leave, apply a tanning cream of your choice.

“Remember to use a hydrating moisturiser to ensure your tan fades evenly.”

All water lovers go here

26 thoughts on “The best ways to get fit this summer

  1. I eat McDonalds almost everyday, drink cola and red bull. I’m think and have an athletic looking body, people always ask me if I work out and that I have an athletic looking back and legs! I don’t!!


  2. So what! its in your genes I am 53 and have been a size 10 all my life except for when I was pregnant. I eat what I want (ok I don’t pig out).


  3. I’m 45 and have been 8 stone 9 since as long as I can remember. Having no kids help you keep your figure too and I eat sensibly but I also love sugary sweets.


  4. Both my parents are in their 70s but don’t look it, though mum is a bit plump. I dread the menopause in case hormones make me gain weight, argh!!!


  5. I stop eating. It helps you make much better food choices and has stopped the grazing which I didn’t realise I was doing.


  6. It’s called moderation! Reality is many people that complain about not being able to lose weight, don’t understand nutrition and portion control!


  7. DNA, genes????? I’m a size 8 like all the girls/women in my family. Never did a diet in my life and I’m addicted to honey !


  8. I have never been over weight. My advice eat whole foods, never low fat or diet etc as they don’t fill you up and you end up eating more to compensate.


  9. Common Sense is the ‘secret’. Three meals a day, regular exercise and moderate amount of the ‘bold’ stuff. Genius isn’t it?


  10. Perhaps one persons “dieting” is someone else’s “normal/healthy eating”? Maybe its just the habit of always eating small to moderate portions and never binging.


  11. I am the same. I eat everything and anything, but in moderation. Two biscuits not the whole packet, a strip of chocolate not the whole bar, a slice of cake not the whole thing. I do eat healthy stuff as well.


  12. I think we are all different, my weight tends to settle at the higher end of the acceptable BMI for my height no matter what I eat. I am 5ft 6 and 10 stone 7. To get to say 8 stone I have to not eat.


  13. In the staff canteen at lunchtime. All the guys were scoffing pies, chips, meat, everything that was so called unhealthy. All the fat….ish women were queued at the salad bar. Answer – stay away from salads, simple.


  14. It is a healthy well balanced diet with the odd treat here an there and some exercise that is keeping these women slim, but the biggest thing I suspect of all these women is good genes,


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