Burn Your Fat With In The Dance Fitness Jamaica

Yendi is also a new mother to daughter Israel and now has out a brand new cardio dance workout DVD with In The Dance Fitness.

I am a dancer. It is my first love and passion as it is something I have been doing since I was 3 years old and what I went on to study in College. Dance was one of my methods of achieving fitness in preparing to compete in Miss Universe and was particularly useful after I gave birth to my daughter. I wanted to get back in shape but I was just not keen on getting into the gym at that point.
You can expect a high energy, muscle sculpting, fat burning dance party. I like to stay fit but I rather dance than anything else. So this is a fun way to accomplish all the above and have a great time…plus feel sexy.

14 thoughts on “Burn Your Fat With In The Dance Fitness Jamaica

  1. I´m 50 and have never dieted and neither has my mother so I think its more down to 50% genetics and 50% life style.


  2. I eat a healthy balaced diet but do have the odd treat like carrot cake which is one of my favourite cakes along with Marks and Sparks victoria sandwich. The secret is to stop eating when you feel you have had enough and only eat when you are hungry-


  3. Just eat well and exercise. And treat yourself from time to time. Yes, some have to work harder than others but know yourself and be comfortable with who you are. We can all achieve a shape we’re comfortable with. We just need to know our own body.


  4. I went on holiday with a friend who was slim and said she ate everything, huge appetite she said. Wowza, then it hit me being around her 24/7 she ate small portions, skipped breakfast (but told me she had already gone when she hadn’t) ate only salad, skipped desert, made one small glass of wine last all evening and in the 2 weeks made such a mega fuss about eating one ice-cream.


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