Tastee Patties: Four Decades of History

Tastee has cultivated a steadfast presence in Jamaican’s  national diet and consciousness. The upstart patty-making business Vincent Chang opened in Union Square, Cross Roads back in 1966 has grown into a Rock-solid enterprise and a food staple consumed with voracious zeal by tens of thousands on a daily basis.

With its storied history — including a move to new factory space at its now landmark Half-Way-Tree Road headquarters in 1971 and gradual expansion to include other locations — the fast-food restaurant chain penetrated the Jamaican consumer market and tastebuds, one patty (and coco bread) at a time.

Served piping hot in a brown paper bag, the Jamaican patty – a meat-filled pastry pocket.

The steaming minced-meat filling, the buttery golden crust that inevitably ends up decorating your chest or floating on the top of your D&G soda … yum!  consistent in its flavor and quality today as it was decades ago.

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