Miss Jamaica Universe Iana Tickle Garcia Is Not Just Another Pretty Face: She's All That And More

Jamaica Miss Universe is not just another pretty face
Miss Jamaica universe Iana: She is a student and the founder of ‘Crochet for Charity’, where she makes and sells handcrafted crochet earrings. The profits from these sales go to different organizations that urgently need attention and help.

Through her charitable work, Iana was able to return SOS Children’s Village with a top-level scholarship to a special resident, as well as provide items back to school. Iana Tickle Garcia currently is 19 years of age. Her height is 178 cms. Her costume was sponsored by the rosehall estate a jamaican tourist attraction great house.

26 thoughts on “Miss Jamaica Universe Iana Tickle Garcia Is Not Just Another Pretty Face: She's All That And More

  1. I know the children village because I use to go to the academy there;You would often see a lot of black teenage mothers going there to see their kids,thirty yr olds and middle age women go there to give up their children,the stories you hear are horrible,most times their baby fathers disown the children and some after they fall pregnant they start to go through domestic abuse with the baby fathers who find himself a new woman,or in-laws who do not favor the person that the man got pregnant,it become a lonely road for these black Jamaican women and that’s where the children village come into play. Its a white looking woman who open it;and people like Iana Tickle Garcia give what they can to provide help for the abandon children.


  2. Even though I was a little bit upset with her costume I can’t sit here and say that she’s ugly because she’s not,she’s a very pretty girl.


  3. I don’t think people should carelessly bring innocent children into the world if they cannot look after them,too much free family planning pills are giving away in doctor offices and free clinics for people to do this to themselves.


  4. Donating food, clothing, toys, etc. could also help tremendously. I remember growing up poor we never had much food and one thanksgiving my father went to a charity drive and we had a proper thanks giving.


  5. I know the children village,its run by a brown mixrace looking woman,she started it when she wanted to help kids abandoned by their fathers or mothers. She has only one leg but she did a good job raising them and providing skills before sending them off into the world when they come of age.


  6. God bless the orphanage. I remember when I was a little girl I followed one of my 16 year old family member there to give up the child to the lady who use to run it. She got pregnant by a guy her age, both of them were young and use to sneak off to parties together,he got her pregnant and when he found out that she was pregnant the relationship ended. He got a job and showed up a few times with items for the baby but only months after the baby was born,if my memory serves right one to two months after birth the child was given to the orphanage. He was a very quiet child when he was growing up in the orphanage and everyone loved him. He learned skills and left at eighteen quickle found work,he was never out of a job because he was well liked. Anywhere he went for jobs he always get it. At 22 he was ambushed and killed by gunmen,the gunmen admitted that it was mistaken identity. Very sad story because they even shoot out one of his eye. If anyone have anything to give please donate to the village,it helped thousands of abandoned children.


  7. My aunty use to work there,she said a lot of black women use to go there with tears in their eyes pouring out a lot of painful stories about the bad treatment that they are going through after having babies,lots of the pain given to them were by the men that got them pregnant;They were battered women that were looking to flee but could’nt run with the child so they left them at the orphanage.


  8. I know the homes it started many many many years ago,I truly hope its not struggling too much because it helped a lot of fleeing black women.


  9. My nehew grew up in that SOS village when his father did not manage the child support,he was left there before he turned one years old.


  10. Is a brownish whitish looking woman who open it,or maybe she mix with something,but close to those types of looking people,god bless her for the good works that she carried out on the poor orphans and abandon children. I can’t believe its still there after so many years brings back old memory when me and my momther use to pass by the village.


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