Craig Strickland still missing after hunting trip


The 29-year-old country singer had been on a duck hunting trip at Kaw Lake with

his friend Chase Marland, 22, during Winter Storm Goliath, which has swept across the Plains and Midwest. When the pair failed to return, authorities searched the lake and found their boat capsized, along with Marland’s body.


Marland had tweeted before their trip that they would be hunting despite the storm.  

Sheriff Joel Kerns said rescuers also are searching for a man whose vehicle was swept off a flooded county road.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol dispatcher Randy Munsiger told FOX411 that three troopers searched the lake Monday, and more scoured the shore. A helicopter was also used. Formed by a 121-foot dam, Kaw Lake is 38 miles long and has 170 miles of shoreline, according to its website.


Craig Strickland Missing: His Band Says Finding His Dog Alive Is ‘A Good Sign’

So far, the only survivor recovered from Craig Strickland’s hunting accident is his dog, Sam. However, his friends and family believe this is a good sign and are holding out hope that Craig is alive, too.

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