When your dog barks at nothing are they barking at ghosts?


Is your dog barking at ghosts?

If you are the owner of a dog you may have ask yourself at times if your dog is seeing things that you can’t see. Sometimes dogs will stare seemingly at nothing and barks.
Animals have a heightened sense of our surroundings than people do.

Dogs see less colors than humans, are somewhat near sighted and less sensitive to shades of gray or changes in brightness. But that is where the disadvantages to human eyesight ends. Evolution might have unwittingly made ‘man’s best friend’ a great ghost detector.

I believe that dogs do see spirits. 5 years ago my dog did this looking at nothing and barking. I saw nothing but my dog keep barking and growling. Animals are sensitive to things we can not hear. it could be that dogs also developed their heightened awareness to sound and smell for similar reasons; all of these senses allowing dogs to better detect the presence of ghosts.
If you feel a ghost might be in your home, then look for your dog to bark at something invisible to you. When this occurs, it is especially unnerving if the canine is looking into a corner or at a solid wall (as opposed to looking out a window or door). And should your dog begin barking down the stairs to your basement, the hair will likely stand up on the back of your neck.  So

Is it true dogs can see ghosts? share your thoughts on this.

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