Australian scoops News awards

Greg Bearup and Dan Box of The Australian jointly took out the Feature Writer award.

Paul Maley won the major journalism prize, the Sir Keith Murdoch Award for journalist of the year, for his work exposing ­Islamic State’s infiltration into Australia.

“One of the great privileges of my job is I get to work with the very best journalists in the country,” Maley told guests at Melbourne’s Exhibition Centre. “The rise of ISIL has been one of the great stories of our age and our editors, Chris Mitchell and Clive Mathieson, made it clear that it needed to be covered properly.”

Victorian business editor Damon Kitney won the Keith McDonald Award for business journalism for a series of interviews with high-profile business leaders including Reserve Bank board member Kathryn Fagg.

The Australian’s cartoonist Bill Leak was recognised for his ­insightful cartoons on Australian life, politics and terrorism.

Senior writers Dan Box and Greg Bearup took out the feature writer of the year award for joint articles on William Tyrrell and the ice epidemic for The Weekend Australian Magazine.

Strewth columnist James ­Jeffrey was named specialist writer of the year for his take on politics and its colourful characters.

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